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Welcome to my writing website. Here you will find details about my current work, as well as some stories in progress. 

Learn more about me, about my novel, and about work in progress. 

You will also find a blog including personal anecdotes, interests, and random thoughts. 

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I started to write intentionally when I was 12 years old and attended my first serious workshop at 16. I continued to write fiction until I moved to Boston, to pursue an MA. Life became complicated, and, although I continued to write and publish, I left fiction aside for a few years. Stories, however, are always in my mind and, in 2016, I decided I couldn't postpone writing anymore. I signed up for an MFA which allowed me to write fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. I finished my first novel, The University of Shadows, in 2019. I'm currently working on a couple of long fiction projects as well as a non-fiction book. 

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The University of Shadows is an urban fantasy that mixes elements from gothic fiction and

the campus novel. The novel’s basic premise is of a university that exists in a parallel world to

which individuals can go to discover things about themselves or to change as they affect the

institution. Linnea, the main character, reaches the University of Shadows accidentally only to

discover that she was supposed to have received an invitation to be there.

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"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people."

Thomas Mann


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